Best answer: How would a functionalist view gender inequality?

functionalist perspective of gender inequality: A theory that suggests that gender inequalities exist as an efficient way to create a division of labor, or a social system in which a particular segment of the population is clearly responsible for certain acts of labor and another segment is clearly responsible for …

How do Functionalists view inequality?

Functionalist Approach: An approach that asserts that global inequality is not a problem at all, but rather benefits society as it produces an incentive structure to motivate highly capable individuals to pursue positions of power.

How do Functionalists view gender roles?

A structural functionalist view of gender inequality applies the division of labor to view predefined gender roles as complementary: women take care of the home while men provide for the family. Thus gender, like other social institutions, contributes to the stability of society as a whole.

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How does the conflict view of gender differ from the functionalist view?

Functionalism focuses on the origins of gender differences. Functionalists believe the division of responsibilities between males and females survived because it benefited human living. … Conflict theory looks at the reasons gender differences continue to exist.

What do Functionalists generally believe to be true about gender?

What do functionalists generally believe to be true about gender? Some social roles are better suited to one gender than the other. … The names imply that one gender is more suited for a particular job than the other.

How does the functionalist perspective view poverty and inequality?

If stratification is inevitable, then, poverty is also inevitable. The functionalist view further implies that if people are poor, it is because they do not have the ability to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the important, high-paying jobs.

Why is functionalist perspective critiqued?

Functionalism has been criticized for downplaying the role of individual action, and for being unable to account for social change. … Critics also argue that functionalism is unable to explain social change because it focuses so intently on social order and equilibrium in society.

What do Functionalists see as a positive result of differentiation in gender roles?

What do functionalists see as a positive result of differentiation in gender roles? it increases overall social stability.

What is functionalist and conflict perspective?

Functionalism and conflict theory are macro theories which try to explain how societies work. Functionalism proposes that each individual contributes to the society’s overall performance and stability while conflict theory suggests that the society is in a state of perpetual conflict.

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What is an example of functionalist perspective?

According to the functionalist perspective of sociology, each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society’s stability and functioning as a whole. For example, the government provides education for the children of the family, which in turn pays taxes on which the state depends to keep itself running.

How are functionalist and conflict contradictory?

How are functionalist and conflict theory contradictory? Functionalism believes society works together to benefit society and conflict theory views society as a source of inequality. … Conflict theorists encourage social change.

How conflict theory differs from functionalist theory in relation to education?

Functionalists believe that education equips people to perform different functional roles in society. Conflict theorists view education as a means of widening the gap in social inequality.

What do Functionalists argue?

Functionalism argues that the social structure is responsible for all stability and instability, and that that the social structure is continuously attempting to maintain social equilibrium among all the components of society.

Which statement best describes the functionalist perspective on gender quizlet?

Which of the following best describes the functionalists view of gender? The traditional division of responsibilities between men and women exists because it has benefited society.

How does functionalism apply to health and social care?

the functionalist perspective emphasizes that good health and effective medical care are essential for a society’s ability to function. Ill health impairs our ability to perform our roles in society, and if too many people are unhealthy, society’s functioning and stability suffer.

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How is functionalism applied or connected to social media?

Because functionalism focuses on how media and technology contribute to the smooth functioning of society, a good place to begin understanding this perspective is to write a list of functions you perceive media and technology to perform.