Does gender make a difference in a patient’s risk for coronary artery disease?

While women have similar risk factors for CHD, studies have shown that the absolute risk of CHD is lower in women as compared to men.

How does gender affect coronary artery disease?

Although the incidence of CVD in women is usually lower than in men, women have a higher mortality and worse prognosis after acute cardiovascular events. These gender differences exist in various CVDs, including coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure and aortic diseases.

Is there a greater risk of coronary artery disease CAD in males or females?

The epidemiological studies show that incidence of coronary artery disease is greater in male than female (Greenland et al., 1991; Vera et al., 2001; Jeanine et al., 2002). Miller et al. (2001) reported that the gender differences in patients with CAD have been reported to be lower or no different in women than in men.

Why is gender a risk factor for cardiovascular disease?

The incidence of cardiovascular disease is known to be higher in men than in women of similar age, and this gender difference is more prominent at a younger age (1) and is partly explained by protective effects of sex hormones (2).

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Why is coronary heart disease more common in males?

Overall, it appears that men’s coping with stressful events may be less adaptive physiologically, behaviorally, and emotionally, contributing to their increased risk for CHD.

Can gender be a risk factor?

Gender influences the development and course of risk factors and conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases and mental health problems. In high-income countries, 18% of women die from heart disease, often considered a disease of males.

What gender is most likely to get heart disease?

At younger ages, men face a greater risk of heart disease than women. On average, a first heart attack—the most common manifestation of this prevalent disease—strikes men at age 65. For women, the average age of a first heart attack is 72.

Are heart attacks more common in males or females?

Heart attacks are generally more severe in women than in men. In the first year after a heart attack, women are more than 50% more likely to die than men are.