Frequent question: Is animal masculine or feminine?

Is animal masculine or feminine Spanish?

Animal in Spanish:

In Spanish, the word for ”animal” is animal (aw-nee-mal). However, to work this word into conversation, you need to know the gender of the noun.

Is the word animal masculine or feminine in Italian?


What is animals plural in French?

noun. [ masculine ] /animal/ plural animaux /animo/

What animals are considered masculine?


Animal Male Young
Bear Boar Cub
Cat Tom Kitten
Cattle Bull Calf
Chicken Rooster Chick

Is animal in Spanish masculine?

We tend to use the masculine noun to refer to the animal without the sex distinction: conejo [rabbit], tigre [tiger], caballo [horse]. But we use the feminine form in some cases: oveja [sheep], cabra [ram].

How do you say dog in French?

Dog in French = Le Chien, La Chienne.

How do you say animals in French?

French translation of ‘animal’

  1. ( literal) animal m. wild animals animaux sauvages. farm animal animal de ferme.
  2. ( figurative) (pejorative) (= person) brute f.
  3. ( figurative) (= creature)
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Is cat feminine or masculine in Italian?

The Italian word for cat is gatto. It is a masculine singular word, and its other forms are: gatta: (feminine singular)

Why is apple feminine in Italian?

The Italian word for apple is mela (feminine, plural: mele) and the tree upon which they grow is called melo.

How do you tell if a noun is masculine or feminine Italian?

2 How to recognize what gender a noun is

  1. nearly all words ending in –o are masculine.
  2. nearly all words ending in –a are feminine.
  3. nearly all words ending in –à, –sione and –zione are feminine.
  4. nearly all words ending with a consonant are masculine.

Is the word elephant masculine or feminine in French?

éléphant (mâle) nm.

What female animal is a queen?

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Animal Male Female
Cat Tom Queen
Cattle Bull Cow
Chicken Rooster Hen
Deer Buck Doe

Is cravate masculine or feminine?

cravate {feminine}

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