Is paper masculine or feminine German?

The gender of Papier is neuter. E.g. das Papier.

Is the word paper masculine or feminine?

Masculine Nouns

Example Meaning
L papel paper
O mono monkey
N at’un tuna
E hombre man

What is the article for paper in German?

Especially for German learners the correct declension of the word Paper is crucial.

Declension Paper.

Singular Plural
Dat. dem Paper den Papers/Papern
Acc. das Paper die Paper(s)

Is paper masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of papier is masculine. E.g. le papier.

What does Page mean in German?

More German words for page. die Seite noun.

Is crayon masculine or feminine in French?

crayon {masculine}

The color of the pen cannot be changed.

Is Stylo masculine or feminine?

The word for pen in French is stylo. Stylo is a masculine noun, so if you wanted to say ‘the pen,’ for example, you would use the masculine definite…

What are the German articles?

German has three words — der, die and das — for the definite article the. To make matters more confusing for someone learning German, these three definite articles change spelling according to the case of the noun that they appear with in a sentence. The same is true for the indefinite articles.

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How do you say paper in different languages?

In other languages paper

  1. Arabic: وَرَقَةٌ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: papel.
  3. Chinese: 纸
  4. Croatian: papir.
  5. Czech: papír.
  6. Danish: papir.
  7. Dutch: papier.
  8. European Spanish: papel material.

What do the French call a paperclip?

The word trombone originally comes from the Italian “tromba”, which comes from the same Latin word, “tromba”, both retaining the same meaning: trumpet. …

What means Blatt?

Definition of ‘blatt’

1. a newspaper. 2. Australian. a high-speed car journey.

What is French page?

More French words for page. la page noun. leaf. paginer verb. paginate, number the pages.

Which pronoun is used for they in German?

3. Possessive Pronouns

Person English Possessive Pronoun Neut. Noun
we (wir) ours unser(e)s
you (pl.) (ihr) yours euers
they (sie) theirs ihr(e)s
you (formal) (Sie) yours Ihr(e)s