Is skirt masculine or feminine in French?

The gender of jupe is feminine. E.g. la jupe.

How do u say skirt French?

jupe f (plural: jupes f)

Is dress feminine or masculine in French?

The gender of robe is feminine. E.g. la robe.

Is blouse masculine or feminine in French?

2) Learn the genders of common endings. It’s the ending (usually) that determines the gender of a word. La chemise (feminine) is a (men’s) shirt. Le chemisier (masculine) is a (women’s) blouse.

Is jeans feminine or masculine in French?

The gender of jean is masculine. E.g. le jean.

Is scarf feminine in French?

The gender of écharpe is feminine. E.g. une écharpe.

Is robe in French feminine?

7 – French Nouns Ending Be, Té, Ade, are Feminine

Be, as in une robe (a dress), une aube (dusk)…

Is clothing feminine in French?

How Do You Say Clothing in French? The French word for a piece of clothing is “un vêtement” and it’s masculine. Clothes are usually used in the plural: “les vêtements“, and it’s also the word used for clothing.

How do you say clothes in different languages?

In other languages clothes

  • Arabic: مَلَابِس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: roupa.
  • Chinese: 衣服
  • Croatian: odjeća.
  • Czech: oblečení
  • Danish: tøj.
  • Dutch: kleren.
  • European Spanish: ropa.
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What are jeans in French?

jean (pantalon):

jeans pl.

Is clock masculine or feminine?

Clock and wall both are Neuter genders. The gender which represents nonliving things around us is referred to neuter gender. The gender that represents any male is referred to as the masculine gender.

Is Jean masculine French?

On the European continent and in all French-speaking countries, Jean is a male name derived from the Old French Jehan (or Jahan). The female equivalent is Jeanne (French: [ʒan]) and derives from the Old French Jehanne.

What are shorts in French?

Wiktionary: shorts → caleçon, culotte, short. shorts → slip, caleçon, culotte.