Is supermarche feminine or masculine?

Is supermarche in French masculine or feminine?

-e, as in le café (coffee or café), le canapé (the sofa), le blé (wheat), le carré (the square), le défilé (the procession), le supermarché (the supermarket). -eau, for example le bateau (the boat), le manteau (the coat), le chapeau (the hat), l’oiseau (the bird). The one exception is l’eau (water), which is feminine.

Is Horse feminine or masculine in French?

When a French noun describes a live being, its gender (masculine or feminine) often reflects the gender of the being in question. For example: The word cheval (horse) is masculine, whereas jument (mare) is feminine, because they both reflect the gender of the animal.

Is hospital in French masculine or feminine?

The gender of hôpital is masculine. E.g. un hôpital.

Is Hotel masculine or feminine in French?

All those contracted words with the L in front, such as l’hotel, must still be treated as femenine or masculine in French usage. For those of us who are fairly new with French, I have a suggestion. I bought Barron’s French-English dictionary.

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Is Jus de Pomme masculine or feminine?

It happens that “jus de pomme” is a “noun of noun”, where “pomme” is a noun complement, whereas “apple juice” is a “noun phrase”, where “apple” is used as an adjective. First of all, it wouldn’t be “au”, since “pomme” is a singular feminine noun, it would be “à la”.

Is Steak Frites masculine or feminine in French?

16 Cards in this Set

Croissant Un
Steak Un
Steak Frites Un
Hamburger Un
Hot-dog Un

Is dog feminine in French?

1 – What’s the French Word for Dog? There are 2 French words for dog: Le chien – is French for male dog. la chienne – is French for female dog.

Is crayon masculine or feminine?

crayon {masculine}

The color of the pen cannot be changed.

How do you know if a word is feminine or masculine in French?

How Do I Know if a Word is Masculine or Feminine in French? The best place to start when trying to figure out the gender of a French word is by looking at the ending of the word. Words that use the articles le or un are going to be masculine, and words that use the articles la or une are feminine.

Is it Le or La for hôpital?

le is used in front of masculine singular nouns.

1 The basic rules.

l’hôpital the hospital
la hi-fi the stereo

What is zoo in French?

zoo, le ~ (m) (jardin zoologique)

Is car masculine or feminine in French?

As nouns, all of the colors are singular and masculine. “The car” (la voiture) is feminine. In French, it is la or le.

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Is restaurant masculine or feminine?

The word restaurant in French is a masculine noun. Even though the word is exactly the same as in English, you need to remember to use masculine…

Is Maison masculine or feminine?

French article genders

The feminine noun maison (house) takes the form of la maison (the house), une maison (a house), or les maisons (the houses).