Is Wichita KS LGBT friendly?

“… Wichita does offer the most enduring peer support for LGBTQIA+ residents in the form of a half-dozen gay bars, a substantial Pride celebration, and a new police chief, Gordon Ramsay, who introduced the city’s first LGBTQIA+ liaisons.”

Is Kansas LGBTQ-friendly?

Same-sex sexual activity is legal in Kansas, and the state has prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations since 2020.

Where do the gays live in Kansas City?

From downtown and the bustling Power & Light entertainment district, south through the hip Crossroads Arts District and on down through Midtown, Westport and the iconic Country Club Plaza neighborhood, you’ll find shops, bars, restaurants, coffeehouses, and museums popular with the LGBT community.

Is Kansas City MO LGBT-friendly?

Kansas City is not just one of the most LGBT friendly cities in Missouri. It makes the national list for its openness to anyone and everyone. Kansas City prides itself on being friendly and welcoming which is exactly what it is. In fact, that is what makes the city a favorite LGBT destination.

Is Honda LGBT-friendly?

Most car brands that sell in the U.S. are defined as gay-friendly by the website Only five are not, and one of them is Honda.

Is Springfield Missouri Lgbtq friendly?

Voters in Springfield, Mo., voted by a slim margin to repeal protections against discrimination for the city’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender citizens. The measure passed in Missouri’s third-largest city with 51.4% of the vote Tuesday night.

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Is St Louis LGBT friendly?

Louis is nowadays regarded as a suitable city for LGBT individuals. It is a progressive and very liberal city, and holds several “gayborhoods,” like The Grove, as well as many LGBT organizations. In 2019, dubbed St. Louis the 8th most LGBT-friendly city.

Does Lgbtq support Acura?

Acura’s “Tuned by Culture” social media campaign is unique among other similar ones supporting LGBTQ Pride month. It was focused on real owners and enthusiasts, rather than celebrities or models. Showing real people inside our community will always win in engagement and support for the brand and their products.