Question: Is Chocolat masculine or feminine?

The gender of chocolat is masculine. E.g. le chocolat.

Is Chocolat Chaud masculine?

French Words on Instagram: “Chocolat chaud (masculine word) • Hot chocolate • /ʃɔ.

Is chocolate in Spanish masculine?

chocolate noun, masculine (plural: chocolates m)—

El chocolate es una fuente de consuelo para mí.

What is the plural of chocolat in French?

Noun. chocolat m (plural chocolats)

Is chocolat a noun?

chocolate (noun) chocolate–box (adjective) dark chocolate (noun)

Is Chaud masculine or feminine?

To make chaud feminine singular, we simply add an “e” to the masculine singular, which gives us: L’eau est chaude. (The water is hot.)

Is the word confiture masculine or feminine in French?

How to identify feminine French nouns

Noun Ending Examples
-té société (society), publicité (advertising), charité (charity)
-tié amitié (friendship), moitié (half), pitié (pity)
-tion information (information), éducation (education), question (question)
-ure voiture (car), couverture (blanket), confiture (jelly/jam)

What do you call chocolate in Spanish?

[ˈtʃɒklɪt ] chocolate m. (= individual sweet) bombón m.

How do you say chocolate in other languages?

How to say “chocolate” in other languages

  1. Danish – chokolade.
  2. Dutch – chocolade.
  3. English – chocolate.
  4. French – chocolat.
  5. German – schokolade.
  6. Greek – σοκολάτα
  7. Italian – cioccolata.
  8. Japanese – チョコレート
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How do you say chocolate in Spain?

So let’s see how to say chocolate in different languages.

Chocolate in Different Languages.

Language Translation
Polish (pl) czekolada
Portuguese (pt) chocolate
Romanian (ro) ciocolată
Spanish (es) chocolate

What do the French call hot chocolate?

What is chocolat chaud? Hot chocolate or chocolat chaud in French is a hot drink made with chocolate or cocoa powder (also sometimes sugar) added to milk or water.

Is lait masculine or feminine?

The word for milk in French is lait. According to French rules of grammar, lait is masculine.

What is the meaning of the movie Chocolat?

“Chocolat” is about a war between the forces of paganism and Christianity, and because the pagan heroine has chocolate on her side, she wins. Her victory is delayed only because, during Lent, a lot of the locals aren’t eating chocolate.

Is the movie Chocolat in French?

Chocolat (2016 film)

Country France
Language French
Budget $18.5 million
Box office $14.9 million