Quick Answer: Are states feminine or masculine?

Are states feminine?

50 State Names in French

The list below details all 50 state names in English and French. Most states are masculine; only nine are feminine and they are indicated by (f.). Knowing the gender will help you choose the correct definite article and geographic prepositions to use with each state.

Is United States feminine or masculine?

Countries like the United States, Mexico, China, and Japan are all considered to be masculine. “Masculinity stands for a society in which social gender roles are clearly distinct.

Are states feminine in French?

Here is the list of US states which are feminine in French (because they end with an “e”): La Floride, la Californie, la Caroline du Sud, la Caroline du Nord, la Louisiane, la Georgie, la Virginie-Occidentale (West Virginia), la Virginie (Virginia), la Pennsylvanie. But watch out for the exception: le Maine.

Is New York state feminine or masculine in French?

And of course, being nouns, they have gender in French: all but nine are masculine.

Les États-Unis (d’Amérique)

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Alabama l’Alabama (m)
New York l’État de New York**
North Carolina la Caroline du Nord
North Dakota le Dakota du Nord
Ohio l’Ohio (m)

Are all countries feminine?

Country is neither a masculine or feminine word. Nouns in English are not generally assigned genders. It is relatively common (although slightly old-fashioned) to refer to a country as a person when talking about it.

Is Canada male or female in French?

All other countries are masculine: le Nigéria, le Brésil, le Canada, le Japon, le Danemark, le Maroc, le Liban, le Pakistan, le Pérou.

Why do they call countries she?

We use the pronoun “she” for calling a country because it is our homeland. Usually, a mother is the one at home and the father is at work. It is now sexist, but it didn’t used to be. We call a country “she” because we are from there, like you are from your mom.

Is France a masculine or feminine country?

The general rule is that country names that end in silent “e” are feminine. Hence, the feminine country names la France (France), la Belgique (Belgium), l’Allemagne (Germany), l’Algérie (Algeria), la Chine (China), la Guyane (Guiana), la Russie (Russia), la Corée (Korea).

Do you use a or en for states in French?

US States in French with Prepositions of Location

Use DANS LE with masculine states beginning with a consonant. You can also use AU with these, and always use AU with Texas and Nouveau-Mexique. Use DANS L’ with masculine states and provinces beginning with a vowel. You can also use EN with these.

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How many states are in France?

France has 27 local authority states and various overseas territories from throughout the history of the French empire. One such example is French Guiana in South America. To learn more about each individual state, click the maps of the states below.

What states are in France?

The 13 regions of metropolitan France

  • Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes.
  • Bretagne (Brittany)
  • Bourgogne – Franche-Comté
  • Corse (Corsica)
  • Centre – Val de Loire.
  • Grand Est (Alsace, Champagne, Lorraine)
  • Hauts de France ( Nord Pas-de-Calais – Picardie)
  • Ile de France (Paris)

Is Paris masculine or feminine?

Paris is a given name used as a boy and girl name. It is of Greek origin and is common among Anglophone countries.

How do you say I live in a state in French?

Correct sentence in French would be “J’habite à Aurora, dans le Colorado, aux Etats-Unis.”

What is Canada called in French?

Canadian French (French: français canadien) is the French language as it is spoken in Canada.

Canadian French