Best answer: Is Club feminine or masculine?

club [masculine], boîte [feminine] (de nuit), club [masculine] (de golf)…

What kind of noun is club?

[countable] a place where people, especially young people, go and listen to music, dance, watch comedy, etc.

What is the meaning of club in French?

[ˈklʌb ] 1. (= organization) club m. a tennis club un club de tennis.

What is the full meaning of club?

CLUB. Consistent Least Upper Bounds. Academic & Science » Mathematics.

What does it mean to club someone?

verb. To club a person or animal means to hit them hard with a thick heavy stick or a similar weapon. Two thugs clubbed him with baseball bats. [ VERB noun]

Is club a collective noun?

A collective noun names a group of people or things. Examples of collective nouns include class, committee, flock, herd, team, audience, assembly, team, club, and so on. A collective noun is treated as plural when the group it names is considered to be made up of individuals.

What part of speech is club?


part of speech: noun
part of speech: verb
inflections: clubs, clubbing, clubbed
definition: to hit or strike with a club or as if with a club. Some people were clubbed by the police during the riot. synonyms: bat similar words: batter, beat, flail, hit, strike
related words: bat, hammer, pound, thump
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What is the French word for bar?


From To Via
• bar → aubergetaverne ↔ Beiz
• bar → pêneverroutaquet ↔ Riegel
• bar → barre ↔ Riegel
• bar → barre ↔ Stab

How do you say pub in French?

Bar, brasserie, café, dont le cadre, le décor évoque l’Angleterre.


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• pub → aubergetaverne ↔ Beiz
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierlokal
• pub → brasserie ↔ Bierstube
• pub → bistrobistrot ↔ Kneipe

What is the French word for disco?

discotheque [noun] (usually abbreviated to disco) a place, or a type of entertainment, at which recorded music is played for dancing.