How do gender reveal smoke cannons work?

Gender reveal confetti cannons burst over fifteen feet in the air and metallic blue or pink confetti and tissue paper will fill the air. These cannons reveal the gender of the couple’s child by shooting blue confetti for a boy or pink confetti for a girl.

How do you use a smoke cannon?

Reveal the Secret with This Fun Blue Gender Reveal Cannon!

  1. This confetti cannon launches a big billowy puff of blue smoke and blue confetti shapes!
  2. Simply point it into the air, twist the bottom cap and fire it off! Make sure to use it outside only though!
  3. The packaging comes with a sticker labelled ‘boy’.

Are gender reveal powder cannons safe?

Our Gender Reveal Party Cannons are perfect for Gender Reveal Parties. Each cannon is filled with vibrant Blue or Pink Holi Color Powder and Confetti Circles and is completely safe.

Are gender reveal confetti cannons dangerous?

Police Warn Of “Unnecessary Risks” After Explosion At Gender Reveal Party Kills Woman. … Others, however, have opted for more dramatic reveals using things like confetti air cannons, colored smoke bombs, and party poppers. While gender reveal parties can be fun, they can also be dangerous and potentially even deadly.

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How do confetti cannons work?

Confetti cannons work by using energy from compressed nitrogen, which is stored in a cylinder at the bottom of the cannon. The nitrogen is released by turning a catch to undo the stopper that kept it in place, and surges through the cannon at speed, pushing the confetti out from the top of the tube.

How do you make a gender reveal cannon?


  1. Step 1: Using scissors, cut the neck off of a balloon and discard. …
  2. Step 2: Print our Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon printable, and cut just inside the guide lines. …
  3. Step 3: Cut scrapbook paper in your preferred color palette or use store-bought confetti to fill your cannon.

What is a gender reveal cannon?

Surprise your guests or the mum to be with our blue confetti gender reveal cannon shooter. … There is a blue sticker on the cannon to identify the blue confetti inside for a boy. Remove the sticker before your guests arrive to keep the gender a mystery!

Can you use smoke cannons inside?

Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon

Gender reveal smoke cannons have become increasingly popular over recent years because of the ‘wow’ factor they provide. Now, these are strictly for outdoor use as it would be very dangerous to set them off inside and fill the house with smoke.

Can I use a confetti cannon in public?

Can I use confetti cannons indoors and outside? Yes, however you should not use metallic confetti outside. When using indoors make sure you have sufficient room away from people and objects.

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Does gender reveal smoke stain?

Gender Reveal Smoke

They are very similar to fireworks, and come with inherent risks. … Sometimes powder will come out of the smoke bomb when it’s first activated. That powder shouldn’t stain, but it definitely can, so be sure to wash your clothes or hands after!

Are confetti cannons messy?

Are confetti cannons messy? Indoors, confetti is easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping can be difficult as it can lie flat on the floor. Outdoors, you can use a leaf blower to collect up most of the confetti.

Are gender reveal smoke bombs toxic?

Every baby gender reveal smoke bomb is non-toxic and constructed for outdoor use.

Is confetti cannon reusable?

Our reloadable and reusable confetti cannons are an eco-friendly alternative to disposable confetti cannons. Popular with regular users of confetti cannons like stage shows, wedding DJs, party planners and TV shows, they are quick and easy to reload with confetti to match your requirements.

Are confetti cannons biodegradable?

Not for use in wet or damp conditions as the confetti will start to dissolve instantly. Our tissue confetti cannons are also biodegradable and can be used indoors or outdoors when there is the risk of rain.