Is fruits masculine or feminine?

The word fruit in French is a masculine noun, and uses masculine articles with it. For example, the sentence ‘An apple is a fruit’ is Une pomme est un…

Are fruits feminine?

Yes, mostly, but I never cared about it. Fruits start mostly from the female part of a flower. But sometime they includes also other parts. Such extra parts cannot really be distinguished as masculine or female (but on completely dioecious plants).

What fruits are feminine in French?

les pêches (lay PESH) / peaches, feminine noun. les abricots (layz ah-bree-KOH) / apricots, masculine noun. les pastèques (lay pahs-TEK) / watermelons, feminine noun.

Is orange fruit masculine or feminine in French?

Exception: “Orange” is only masculine as a color – as a fruit it’s feminine. Same thing for “rose.” As a color, it’s masculine, but as a flower, it’s feminine.

Is Apple masculine or feminine?

Fruit, trees, and gender

Feminine fruit Masculine tree
banana banano
manzana ‘apple’ manzano
cereza ‘cherry’ cerezo
pera ‘pear’ peral

Are cherries feminine?

All cherry trees are either all-male or all-female so it’s not necessary to have both sexes next to each other. You can also simply plant an all-female tree for the first year and then an all-male tree the following year for pollination.

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Are vegetables female?

Vegetables Do Not Have Gender.

Are bananas feminine?

The gender of banane is feminine.

Is Pear feminine in French?

The gender of poire is feminine. E.g. la poire.

Is pineapple masculine or feminine in French?

pineapple n. ananas nm. Ex : garçon – nm > On dira “le garçon” ou “un garçon”.

Is Apple masculine or feminine in German?

In German, both “Apfel” (apple) and “Saft” (juice) are masculine, hence the answer to the question is simple – “Apfelsaft” (apple juice) is also masculine.

Is melon masculine or feminine?

melon [le ~] noun.

Is legume feminine or masculine?

Borrowed from Latin legūmen (cf. older form lesgum); was once feminine and became masculine by the 17th century. Replaced the Old French leün, which was inherited from the same source.

What is fruit called in French?

20 Fruit Names in French With English Translations

S.No. Fruit Name in English Fruit Name in French
1 Mango Mangue
2 Apple Pomme
3 Banana Banane
4 Orange Orange