Is Succo masculine or feminine?

Is succo masculine or feminine in Italian?

The masculine words are: un cappuccino, un succo, un aperitivo, un amaro, uno spuntino, un cornetto, uno scontrino, uno spumante. The feminine words are: una cioccolata, un’aranciata, una spremuta, una birra, una pizza, una brioche, un’acqua minerale, una pasta.

What is the meaning of succo?

noun. gist [noun] the main points (of an argument etc) juice [noun] the liquid part of fruits or vegetables. juice [noun] (in plural) fluid contained in the organs of the body, eg to help digestion.

Is summer masculine or feminine in Italian?

The word for summer in Italian is estate (masculine, plural: estati).

What does succo mean in Spanish?

Noun. succo m (plural succhi) (cooking) juice (without pulp) except tomato juice Antonym: (juice with pulp) spremuta. (figuratively) gist, pith, essence, point, substance Synonyms: essenza, nucleo, sostanza.

How do you say juice in different languages?

In other languages juice

  • American English: juice /dˈʒus/
  • Arabic: عَصِيرٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: suco.
  • Chinese: 果汁
  • Croatian: sok.
  • Czech: šťáva.
  • Danish: saft.
  • Dutch: sap.

Is month masculine or feminine in Italian?

Unlike the seasons, which we’ve already seen above, all the months of the year are masculine and, even if they do not need an article, they will take masculine adjectives: Agosto è il mese più caldo dell’anno. August is the hottest day of the year.

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How do you say August in Italian?

August – agosto – pronounced [ah-GOS-toh] September – settembre – pronounced [set-TEM-breh]

What are the 4 seasons in Italian?

The names of the four seasons in Italian are:

  • Primavera = Spring.
  • Estate = summer.
  • Autunno = Autumn/Fall.
  • Inverno = winter.