What is the role of gender specialist?

The Gender Specialist provides analysis for formulation of strategies and briefings to Senior Management. … The Gender Specialist maintains a network with colleagues from UNDP, UN Agencies, Government officials, multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors and civil society.

What is the work of gender specialist?

The Gender Specialist will provide technical and programme support services to the UNCT to strengthen the UN response to addressing national priorities for gender equality and women’s empowerment and for supporting the Government in the mainstreaming of gender within national policies, in line with UN Women’s strategic …

What is gender focal points?

The Gender Focal Point is the key staff member within an organization dealing with its gender mainstreaming strategy and building capacities among his or her colleagues for incorporating gender into their work, in terms of content and processes.

What is a gender coordinator?

• Under the direction and supervision of the Gender Specialist, assist with the development and management of Gender initiatives for all program components. • Assist in providing technical support and training in Gender approaches for various program stakeholders and for all program components.

What is gender Advisor?

Description of Position:​The Gender Advisor’s function is to help strategize and advise on how to identify and reduce gender gaps in FTF programs and USAID’s work more generally on agriculture, nutrition, and resilience.

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What are the roles of a focal person?

Job Summary:

The project focal person/woman under the directives of the Area Coordinator, identifies problems, plans, coordinates, facilitates all project activities and reports periodically on the progress of the project and solve problems on sport.

What is un swap?

The UN-SWAP (UN system-wide Action Plan) is a UN system-wide accountability framework designed to measure, monitor and drive progress towards a common set of standards to which to aspire and adhere for the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of women.

What is focal person?

Focal Person means any person authorized by a member organization to commit the member or with decision making powers on behalf of the member; Sample 1.

What are gender sensitive indicators?

A gender-sensitive indicator is simply an indicator that measures gender-related changes in society over time. … Using gender-sensitive indicators can also help us to understand how changes in gender relations happen, which enables more effective planning and delivery of future work.