You asked: Is North Carolina feminine or masculine?

Are states feminine or masculine?

As I learned from other sources all US states are masculine but 9: la Californie, la Caroline du Nord, la Caroline du Sud, la Floride, la Géorgie, la Louisiane, la Pennsylvanie, la Virginie, la Virginie occidentale. So, Arizona is not feminine ?

Are states feminine?

50 State Names in French

The list below details all 50 state names in English and French. Most states are masculine; only nine are feminine and they are indicated by (f.). Knowing the gender will help you choose the correct definite article and geographic prepositions to use with each state.

Is Michigan masculine or feminine?

As a rule of thumb, state names ending in -ia have French names ending in -ie and are feminine; other states generally do not have a special French name and are masculine.

French Phrases: US states and place names in French.

j’habite… ʒabit I live…
au Massachussets o masaʃysɛts in Massachussets
au Michigan o miʃigɑ̃ in Michigan
au Minnesota o minesota in Minnesota

Is Texas masculine or feminine?

Note that “l’Arkansas” and “le Texas” are masculine singular, although they end with an “s” (which is pronounced for both states).

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Is New York masculine or feminine?

Hum New-York is not feminine itself… It is a city, and a city is féminin but actual city names or country names do not have a gender in french… But small towns located in France or Switzerland will be masculine.

Are all countries feminine?

Country is neither a masculine or feminine word. Nouns in English are not generally assigned genders. It is relatively common (although slightly old-fashioned) to refer to a country as a person when talking about it.

Are all countries feminine in French?

As you can see, all countries have genders in French. Most of them have articles, although there are a few exceptions. As a general rule, those countries ending in -e are feminine, and the rest are masculine. Keep in mind some countries, mostly islands and city-states, do not have articles.

Is Paris masculine or feminine?

Paris is a given name used as a boy and girl name. It is of Greek origin and is common among Anglophone countries.

Is USA feminine or masculine in French?

Technically, “L’Amérique” (feminine noun) meaning ‘America’ is used for the whole American continent in French. But we often use it to just refer to the USA.

Is Canada feminine or masculine in French?

All other countries are masculine: le Nigéria, le Brésil, le Canada, le Japon, le Danemark, le Maroc, le Liban, le Pakistan, le Pérou.

What is Canada called in French?

Canadian French (French: français canadien) is the French language as it is spoken in Canada.

Canadian French

Is Maine masculine or feminine?

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1 en Alabama dans l’Alabama in / to Alabama masculine
20 dans le Kansas au Kansas in / to Kansas masculine
21 dans le Kentucky au Kentucky in / to Kentucky masculine
22 en Louisiane in / to Louisiana feminine
23 dans le Maine au Maine in / to Maine masculine

Is Madrid feminine or masculine?

According to phonological rules, city names ending in -a (Barcelona) are feminine while those ending in -o, -e, or -C are masculine (Toledo, Alicante, Madrid), as shown in (7).

What is New York in French?

New York City. La ville de New York. York.